viewneo Professional License

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You need additional disc space, would like to work collaboratively or to simplify work with a... more
Product information "viewneo Professional License"

You need additional disc space, would like to work collaboratively or to simplify work with a simplified playlist administration? With the viewneo Professional License, you can get useful extensions, without viewneo’s brand logo.

How many devices can be used with one viewneo Professional license? 
One License (no matter if it is the free or professional license) allows you to use one device / player. If you require additional devices, please reach out to us for additional licenses.

The plugin price is payable one time (no subscription). Choose your individual duration of 1-5 years.

Additional possibilities with the viewneo Professional License

Hide the brand logo: With the viewneo Professional License, the logo is faded out. Now you can inspire your audience completely free of advertisement.

User management: You work in a team? With the viewneo Professional License you can add as many users as you like. Assign individual rights, who can read and/or edit your contents, playlists or devices. This way, you prevent unwanted changes within your viewneo account.

Nested playlists: You manage several contents at different times? Nested playlists make your work easier: Drag one playlist into another playlist instead of having to manage and schedule recurring content individually. In this way, your playlist is always slim and saves on working time.

Memory: If you have reached your included 5GB memory, the viewneo Professional License offers you 250GB for uploading your own media.

Activating the Professional License
As soon as you purchased the plugin, you will receive an email with the activation key. You will be able to immediately add this in your viewneo account. You will find this in the settings menu on the top right hand side of your viewneo account.