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With the Live Ticker plugin, you can run reports on your screen and tell your customers,... more
Product information "Live Ticker Plugin"

With the Live Ticker plugin, you can run reports on your screen and tell your customers, visitors and employees about events, offers and important information. No more messages will be lost.

Furthermore, you can play RSS feeds like news, sports or even your own feeds with this plugin.

The plugin-price is payable one time.

What can be displayed?

  • Text: It displays the text that should be running through the screen.
  • RSS: Plays the RSS feed, which has been saved as a URL (Internet address).

Layout options

  • Position: Place live ticker at the top or the bottom of the screen. 
  • Playability: The text runs from left to right, or from right to left 
  • Color: Individual color choice of the background and the font.

What is this plugin suitable for?
The Live Ticker plugin is suitable for the continuous display of important information, events and offers on the screen.

For example:

  • Corporate: Informing the employees of upcoming events or company news.
  • Educational institutions: Schedule changes and student offers are able to be displayed effectively on the screens.
  • Real estate agents: Consistent representation of contact information and office opening times.
  • Restaurant business: Presentation of regularly recurring offers.

Activating the plugin
As soon as you purchased the plugin, you will receive an email with the activation key. You will be able to immediately add this in your viewneo account under plugins (puzzle symbol).