My Account


You have the option to change your name, email address and password in your account, under the menu item "Profile"


Under "Addresses" in your customer account, you can modify your delivery and billing addresses or add new ones. Here you can also specify default billing and delivery addresses, which saves you time during the order process.

Payment Methods

You can see the different payment methods under “Payment Methods” in your customer account. Our Tip: If you have a preferred payment method, then be sure to set this as your default payment method. This saves time when ordering.

Manage Credit Card

If you select credit card payment for an order, your credit card details will be stored under "My Payment Methods". Your details are then stored in your customer account, which is of course encrypted.


For an overview of your recent orders, go to "Orders" in your user account.

Here you may check the current delivery and payment status of your order at any time. Here you will get a detailed description of the individual orders, such as:

... Items added

... Your delivery address

... What method of payment you have chosen

... Whether the order has already been paid or whether the invoice remains open